Company Profile

We believe in an integrated multidisciplinary approach to material development, from the vial to the optical test bench.

Our Vision

Amber Molecular is creating new light emitting materials for OLEDs in the display sector and beyond. Amber Molecular materials deliver OLEDs that are bright, cost-effective, and rare earth metal-free, in a range of colours from the orange to the deep red. Our philosophy is to design materials atom by atom, with the end product firmly in mind. We've closed the OLED development loop in-house, so that perspective is only a question away. Our mission is to unlock the commercial potential of OLEDs in new markets, while pushing the envelope of what is possible in existing sectors.

Our History

Founded in 2017 by researchers at The University of Toronto Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Amber Molecular occupies a unique position in the OLED materials landscape. Our core competency is in providing new materials and device architectures for applications that were unattainable with the chemicals developed to date. We are empowered by our family of innovative materials, which provide inherently tunable, efficient, and pure colour light emission.